Last updated November 9, 2022.

Our Verification badge Policy is very simple. If you want to get Verified on Zikr E Mewat (ZEM).

Apply for It from the Verification section located here -

Minimum Requirements -

Apply with your Aadhaar Card and a photo.

Your name should be exactly the same as in your Aadhaar Card.

You have to be a regular user of Zikr E Mewat.

If you applied for verification and not using Zikr E Mewat your verification request will be dismissed.

You cannot change your name to another person's or organization's name after getting blue tick.

If you will try to sell or give your account to anyone after getting verified the blue tick will be dismissed from your profile.

If you are eligible for a blue tick we will verify your account within 1 week.

If you are not eligible for the blue tick we will send you a message from Zikr E Mewat's Official Account.